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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very proud to welcome you all to the inaugural edition of the Symphonic Yerevan International Music Festival, a grand celebration of some of the most seminal works in the classical music repertoire, encompassing both old favourites and new works by contemporary masters. 

From its very foundation, the mission of the European Foundation for Support of Culture has always been to propagate the growth and appreciation of our shared cultural traditions all around the world, and we firmly believe that one of the best ways this can be done is through large-scale festivals which bring together some of the top talents of our time in unparalleled celebrations of this global heritage. 

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Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of Armenian State Symphony Orchestra

Dear friends,

I am happy to welcome the “Symphonic Yerevan” International Music Festival in our capital and share my confidence that our unforgettable evenings of classical music will bring a festive spirit to Yerevan’s locals and visitors alike.

It’s immensely inspiring to see our cooperation with the European Foundation for Support of Culture expand year by year, and that we have shared approaches and aspirations in creating new projects․ While most musical ensembles enjoy their summer rest in August, “Symphonic Yerevan” will try to color up hot summer days with lovely cultural evenings.

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